Devon Again – Suburbia

Meet Devon Again and her uncontrolable feelings of wanting someone she can't have and dealing with it with an immediate pop hit.

When you think pop tracks are not able to surprise you any longer, you are made to think otherwise, daily. Devon Again’s debut track “Suburbia” sounds set to skyrise in the upcoming days, weeks and months. This is because of its natural catchiness, distinct powerful production and vocal edginess, and the whole attitude she seems to puts into every pose, shot, and video.

The 20-year-old Denver-based pop Artist that is currently based in LA, started up with TikTok focused on her musical and vocal talents but she is now climbing up all the networks. In speed.

Suburbia” strikes with its visuals and the immediate vocal hooks. Once you get more in detail with it you notice an unusual production quality for a debut. And when you end listening to the track, you understand that every single aspect of it was worked to deliver those feelings of immediacy.

She says:

I wish there was some spicy back story to this song, but the chorus was really just a shower thought I had upon some brief reflection of a crush I had on a girl a couple of years back who was very much not available. The song loosely follows me and my hypothetical suburban lover through our affair. The main theme throughout the song is being upset that she doesn’t love me the way she loves her husband. I want to be the person she comes home to, but instead, I go directly to her home and leave when she’s done with me

Guilty pleasure feelings all over it? Hard to resist, isn’t it? We think it’s because Devon Again rocks.

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