Matthew Gilbert – Promised Land

This is about "hopeful expectations not turning out the way we planned them". Or how Matthew Gilbert's new track makes our soul shine through the negative stuff.

Matthew Gilbert Promised Land

There was an album that I never forgot. Well, several actually. But when I listen to “Promised Land“, the latest track by Matthew Gilbert, I immediately think of Gotye’s “Making Mirrors“. That vibe lasts until around the 3rd minute of this track where the comforting vocals are the main entry point. From there on there are so many incredible and melodic layers in the track – from the vocal layers to the almost classical background – that that sense of the musical journey of the Belgium singer-songwriter gets the perfect novelty re-take, including more than 15 other musicians and 200 active tracks.

Promised Land” talks about “hopeful expectations not turning out the way we planned them” and I’m sure we all have a lot to talk about expectations going wrong in the last year and a half. The track provides a silver lining to those fillings, echoing comfortably inside our body and soul, and making us think in a positive way. Just like a soundtrack for positivity that we will eventually find that promised bit we’ve been hoping for.

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