Dead Nature – Watch Me Break Apart

From Liverpool to the world, meet Dead Nature and his debut album, "Watch Me Break Apart"

Ah, art and nature. The purest graphic state we can imagine in our heads. Pictures, paintings, music – and even food. They activate our taste, our smell, our imagination. Whenever we think of that exhibition of A, B or C, we like certain paintings or certain smells because they activate our creativity. We remember places where we were happy, where we would have liked to have been, what is coming, what once was – and was perfect.

It is with this motto of creative genius that we introduce you to Dead Nature and their debut album, “Watch Me Break Apart“.

Watch Me Break Apart

Watch Me Break Apart cover

When we look at Tarek Musa’s most recent artistic name, we associate it directly with art. More precisely, and as the name indicates, to Dead Nature, also known as still life, describes art, or paintings, that usually composed the always majestic Egyptian rooms, filled with drinks, food, fruit – something tangible, that at first glance no longer filled the stomach. And although they were not available to eat at this stage of our lives, someone, in the afterlife, would be on hand to savour them until no more.

And it’s exactly for art that Musa stands out. We’re talking about a Sound Engineer of excellence, producing music in the most varied projects. For the researches, I feel completely biased, because I stumbled upon one of my favourite songs from the video game FIFA 17 – Spring King – Who Are You? Yes, he is in the band, as a drummer.

He is the son of a Polish mother and a Lebanese father. They both met in England – and that’s where the magic happened, more precisely in Liverpool, in the north of Her Majesty’s land.

And he couldn’t have been in better company, if it wasn’t one of the most beautiful cities we know in England – along with music from The Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Echo & The Bunnymen, Circa Waves and many, many others.

From reinvention to reinvention, we arrive in 2021 – and are greeted with the first album of his latest solo foray.

Watch Me Break Apart” gives us 31 minutes of the best indie-pop made in 2021, separated by 9 songs to listen to on a loop for hours on end.

And it starts in the best way, with a name that does justice to the album. There couldn’t be a more frenetic start, with a dream-pop rhythm and where the various rhythms flow in a fresh way through our veins.

Hurricane” approaches the band Spring King – with a fantastic touch curated by the artist and music producer. What an urge to hear live music of this calibre. We feel like dancing, shaking our heads – feeling at the highest level.

In an American western style, we run to “50 Foot Wall“, and the heavy format makes the loudest names in the international rock industry blush.

Borrowed Heart” tries to slow down the very strong dose of musical passion, but it’s impossible to put your foot down when you’re accompanied by so much dedication on your favourite radio station. We want to share – and this is one of the songs that deserve to be shared immensely.

We move on to “Falling Down“. The album’s coca-cola moment, where the cool, summerish beat accompanies us with a smile from ear to ear.

Onwards, we have “Red Clouds“. And here we come back to Spring King and the song Who Are You? The format seems similar to us, and the desire to see it in the edition that will be released in September is great. We can already imagine playing the Ultimate Team mode and, when opening a pack, we get Cristiano Ronaldo for our team to the sound of this song.

Rivers” grows on you like a river flow. The rhythm increases, with the guitars and drums merging with unison in the voice of the artist and the choir.

Towards the end, “Nothing is Gonna Change” keeps the challenge left initially, with that touch of happiness that can be felt in Muse’s voice as she sings it loud and clear.

We close with “Ladlands“. Raw and hard, reminding us of the Americans Moon Fever. It’s a garage rock rhythm that would fit so well in any playlist you have available. Curious: the back vocals remind us of Régine Chassagne, from Arcade Fire. Explosive mix.

No, we did not see Tarek “Watch Me Break Apart”. On the contrary. We are presented to an extremely mature record, from someone who can certainly become a Muse to our ears. A WtMM recommendation.

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