Warp Trio feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – The Well

Ready for the pandemic disco fantasy? Warp Trio's collaboration with Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a cathartic jazz-rock explosion.

Warp Trio Meeting of the Day

The Warp Trio has been described as a talented group whose sonority genre-obliterates and shapes the direction of contemporary music. They do that by producing chamber music that goes beyond the genre and provides a proper unique experience to the listener. They are rooted in classical and jazz, but their work goes beyond those and into the mind of the listener.

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a Brooklyn-based singer-composer who was born in a family of musicians, and whose accomplishments in the Jazz and R&B specter are starting to become well-known. Due to her intensity and unique power, she combines poetry with a proper musical exclamation.

Combined, they created “The Well“, the third track but first single from the upcoming album from the Warp Trio entitled “Warp Trio’s Pandemic Disco Fantasy“. They describe it as “an epic tour that depicts the story of how isolation forces one to confront one’s self-identity, deal with their demons, and ultimately conquer them“. This is a track that starts of with the trio (violin, piano, and contrabass) enticing melodic build-up that sounds like a cinematic introduction that purposely calms down after a minute. Only to introduce the power vocals of Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez. The “here I am” repeated into (almost) exhaustion serves the instrumental purpose too. The vocal hooks that follow are both storytelling and epic-like, and remind us a bit of Florence and the Machine. There is a beautiful build-up in the entire sonority, and before we notice it we are in the middle of a whole world of elements.

The track mixes jazz with rock in a way we rarely heard before. And with the constant variations working as self-checks to the listener’s attention and introspection, the whole “well” attracts us in, both mentally, and physically. There is so much power in this, that we feel conflicted. At the same time, this is a track about self-introspection, but the whole sonority sounds on the verge of chaos, in the middle of an entire crowd. That’s its way of forcing us to intimately expose ourselves. An incredible track.

Oh, and the video portrays the entire process and the track’s epicness in an indescribable way. Not to miss out.

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