[PREMIERE] Novaa – Audre

"Audre" is an homage to the great poet, civil activist and feminist Audre Lorde, and a powerfully contained track that speaks through its silky serenity.

Audre” is the new track by Novaa taken from her forthcoming album “She’s A Rose” is about to be released next week. This is a hauntingly beautiful silica-like track that feels both powerful and entitling.

By now, Novaa almost dispenses a presentation. The Berlin-based alt-pop singer-songwriter has been gathering international recognition during the last couple of years releasing two albums. Now, and about to release her third LP, she has gathered a very meaningful audience in the indie community.

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Our premiere Audre” is a homage to the American feminist, writer, poet, and civil activist Audre Lorde. The lyrical value of the track is obvious, speaking about how the white old man holds the power in his hands in return for disrespecting the next one, in contrast with the power (or lack of power) of a black woman. It speaks directly and metaphorically, with the delicacy of the voice contrasting with the seriousness and harshness of the subject.

In black and white … Audre Lorde lectures at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, 1983. Photograph: Robert Alexander/Getty Images – Taken from The Guardian

Novaa explains:

I think about three or four years ago I stumbled across a book that changed my perspective as a person and artist massively, that book is called ‘Your Silence Will Not Protect You’. It’s a collection of speeches, poems, ideas, and essays (…), Audre is an incredible and skilled writer with a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that she shares, but the thing that most struck me about her was not only what she talked about but also how she talked about it.

I felt like there was a softness, gentleness, and homeliness to her words that held huge strength exactly because it was soft and gentle. It makes me angry and sad that our society mostly doesn’t see, recognize nor credit the work that black women do. What they contribute, what they sacrifice, simply and only because of stupid hierarchies and the racist system we live in. With this song, I wanted to shine a light on Audre and her incredible work. Research her story, her life, read her books, listen to her speeches – see and support black women and their work.”

In terms of sound, the track is both silky and delicate. It also contains a kinetic power that sounds purposely restrained during the entire song only to be evident in small details and vocal hooks that make the listener stay inside the track the whole time. There is a sense of magical craft in terms of composition that carries through the entire length of the track. The instrumental sounds atmospheric and ever organic. The track flows like a light white cloud filtering the sun just enough for the clarity to be immense without burning. There are subtle electronics in it too. But everything is focused on the serene vocals and the poignant message of healing and hope.

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