Hemingwaves – never stoked

Hemingwaves first track "never stoked" is an indie-pop gem ready to be discovered during the Summer.

Hemingwaves is a new project that we don’t have a lot of information about, just yet. But the thing is, we don’t need to know much to like a genuine pop composition that is capable of nice melodies and a general novel feeling, do we? “never stoked” it’s the first single from the guy who also introduces himself as “nick & friends” and is a generous pop track that picks in sonorities typical of acts like the 1975 with that rock bits on top, and makes more melodic layers on top of it. The vocals are, for me, nicer than the ones from Matty Healy and more melodic too. There are fewer reverbs and retro feel, and more engaging hooks and natural singing.

The track that was listened to very few times until now is definitely not yet under the radar of big media and music fans, but it should be a matter of time (and more releases) for that to change. The reason is simple, this just sounds good, ready for the Summer, and filled with clever variations and genuine musicality. Also, the project name is genius, isn’t it?

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