Mimi Pretend – Dreamless

Darker than the dark nights but electrifying like the the day that starts to rise, Mimi Pretend's sonority is hard to describe but straightforwrd to her guns.

With the second single out last week, Mimi Pretend (formerly part of Palo Santo and Nightmare Blue) is the solo act that mixes indie rock with dark pop vibes in some incredible homemade (apartment recorded) tracks. She combines the power of her captivating and raw vocals with small adjustments to make her sound more digital and some serious dark guitar melodies and heavy-steady drums! In Mimi Pretend everything sounds dark, pacy with attitude, honest, and ready to scream and kick.

Dreamless” is her latest (and second) track and starts right on the chorus with the words “wake up, wake up, I wake up dreamless of you” accompanied by the characteristic guitar and drums. Everything sounds straightforward, and that’s actually a breath of fresh air. The track does not hide itself or its melodies and goes straight to business. The first biggest variations occur after two strong chorus, with the song gaining space to breathe and for the listener to feel the will to step up for the next chorus rounds. After not much more than 2 minutes the track ends, leaving us (listeners) on the verge of intensity and wanting more.

On the Run” was released last month, showcasing her will to release a track each month, and came accompanied by a gorgeous lyric video with pieces of animations that perfectly portray the atmosphere of both tracks. There is an 80’s vibe that is present at every single corner of these tracks. It’s like Mimi is showing us the darker side of discos and night-outs, but both tracks are still sexy and as rocky as it gets, and while we can clearly feel Mimi’s sonority as not deviating much from track-to-track, the subtle differences make it very hard to resist to both. There is just much raw power and feeling to be indifferent.

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