Darius – Feels Right ft. Duñe

Analogical yet dreamy, electro yet organic. Darius released a new track that "Feels (just) Right".

FEELS RIGHT” is Darius latest release (June 15th) featuring Duñe’s vocals, and it is one to keep in mind. Speaking on “FEELS RIGHT“, Darius explains “I spent a year recording a lot of demos with musicians, exploring a more funk and soul side. I then sampled & pitched from these sessions, which gave those tracks a new life. The primary influences are still a mixture of Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Disco, although it’s less experimental than before. I focused on making it more colourful, more joyful, even in the progressions. I wanted it to be more positive.”

FEELS RIGHT” is a love song that feels just right – it portrays the beginning of something nice between two people, in an analogical yet dreamy way. The merge of both these aspects in the Electro Funk sphere make the track stand out on its own. The track is filled with organic sonorities that take you back to other times – a sensation further explored in the video that accompanies the release. Filled with montage-like transitions and plenty of nods to the 90’s, the grainy video is a cool piece of art that complements the grain of the vinyl, along with Stranger Things vibes and Chuck Taylors on the feet.

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