toubkal – lullaby

Like the mountain peak in southwestern Morocco with the same name, toubkal is the sounscape equivalent to that sea view on the top of a hill where we can more easily embrace nature's infinity.

Here, in Portugal, from where I write to you, Noiserv is one of the main references in new music. He kind of opened the way for the next ones to follow, but very few can actually fill his shoes. We believe there is a new talent in the making that will. His name is toubkal. With a strong (that sometimes can mean delicate) folk approach, one that makes room for contemplation and introspection, he released his first single “lullaby” and we’ve been slowly falling in love with his delicate songwriting.

toubkal (name taken from a mountain peek), is the musical name for Bruno Barreira, a Porto-based medical doctor whose love for music and the earth is combined in his musical creations. His slow-folk reminds us a bit of Alexi Murdoch, of course his voice is different, more whispered and intentionally contained. He combines them with acoustic guitar mostly, but also with a piano and a natural organic sonority. Everything invites us into his serenity soundscapes.


In “lullaby” everything starts with a slowly building guitar and the whispered vocal layers which are cleverly overplayed on each other. It sounds like we have two different individuals singing to us. The track builds up into a sonority that easily takes us into a top of a hill with the sea in front of us. The constant acoustic guitar serves us the harmonies of a chilling scenery until the drums get into the track. Not only those drums bring us the feeling that calm can actually be rushed a bit, but hey also reinvigorate the track. The video also builds on this musical scenario, showcasing distinct nature elements and a Summer like, windy like ambiance: we’re on a slow car trip through secondary roads where nature is the only goal we need.

lullaby” is toubkal debut single but also part of his upcoming debut EP entitled “the great round ep” (October 2021). We recommend you to follow the project on the below networks. Also, be on the lookout for the next three tracks which will be individually released before the EP is out:

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