Calibrate The System – Far Away

With a mix of synth, instrumentals and electronic beats, "Far Away" is the perfect way of making your Monday feel easier.

Calibrate The System is a Melbourne-based musical project that bases its sound on a mix of psychedelic, synth, and electro-pop feel. Led by Edgar F. their tracks provide beautiful instrumental and electronic trips that make a Monday like today a perfect place to start the week. Better known as a “Tripsonic” track, “Far Away“, their latest track, is the perfect melody for a day like today, with soft variations in a constant melodic feel that goes from start to end of the track. We can’t say this is not electronic but at the same time, we can’t say this is completely electronic. And in that limbo, we find a lot of melodies and a relaxed, funky, jazzy vibe that ends with a distant voice saying us to be gentle with each other.

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