M.E. Netzke – If I Ever Disappear

Ever wondered if you ever disappeared? M.E. Netzke wrote a track about the decision of staying around, one as beautiful as life itself.

M.E. Netske is someone who survived a near-death experience and decided to make the best out of the life he was left with! After finding himself back from a carbon monoxide poisoning he re-invented himself musically, converging to a hard to describe the type of folk that goes somewhere between Rufus Wainwright and Patrick Watson, but most of all something that feels the dearest to him.

The latest track entitled If I Ever Disappear is pretty much self-talking about the whole thing, but is above everything a gorgeous way of telling a story with music. The track talks about “that place where you site and wonder if you will continue or not”. It talks about the process of decision and about not knowing what to do. But unlike its subject, this is a track that sounds decisive and decided. Featuring “sparkling” pianos, tender vocals, contained acoustic guitars, and above all, gorgeous variations after gorgeous variations.

More on M.E. Netzke:
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