Aidan & the Wild – You Needn’t Worry

Aidan & the Wild is back to remind us all we don't need to worry and that probably we just need to listen more, and let ourselves feel. This is folk magic.

Photo by Kim Balster

There is the need of not worrying too much right now. With everything that is being going on around the World, we tend to find ourselves in need of reinsurance. Aidan & The Wild latest track, “You Needn’t Worry” is a beautiful folk-acoustic anthem that pays homage to those tranquility feelings we need to listen to, more and more, every day.

You Needn’t Worry

The track that starts off as a jam, where Aidan plays around with a delay sound he stumbled upon and a lengthy repeat he created. The track is for sure a slow-building one, but also one that makes the listener want to slow-build – I did found myself wanting for the track to last forever in some of its particular parts – but there is a beautiful thing in knowing we can always listen to it several times to treasure those moments even more. Working like a warm hug (that actually is portrayed in the clip exactly in the form a real hug), the acoustic guitar mixes with his voice in an even warmer embrace. There is a repetitive beat in the back that only contributes for the slow-building vibe, and we feel a gentle blues sonority all over too. The echoed vocals and the way the track gains more and more depth grabs us from start to end, without ever creating a sense of repetitiveness and always sounding refreshing – like if we could repeat a dive in a perfectly warmed pool in a very warm day.

You Needn’t Worry” is actually made for Aidan’s younger brother who was diagnosed with Aspergers at a very young age. Aidan describes the relationship with his brother as a real love & hate dynamic: “I think we fought about every day but still continued to play together every day. He turned out to become a talented and creative young adult with a passion for creating art, but I know he’s had a difficult time with being told constantly that he’s different from other people. I can only imagine how that must be, and I wanted to write this song to let him know I think he’s just fine the way he is.

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