The Stone Apes – Creatures Of The Night

Introducing our new feature entitled "Take Note", this is the calming alt-rock from The Stone Apes.

Everyday we get to know more and more music, and every day we like a lot of the songs that are submitted to us. Understanding that sometimes not many words are necessary to actually stand out a track, we created a new category in this magazine. We are entitling it "Take Note", and every time you see these words you will know you have a fresh new song to listen. Not many words, just the necessary. With the hihglight being the track.

Creatures of The Night is the name of the latest song by The Stone Apes an Australian-based band that is said to be forged together through the taste of the forbidden fruit. Constructing their sound on the basis of a clear alternative rock sonority that reminds us of Palace of ISLAND, there are always elements that make us feel good and relaxed as listeners. Creatures Of The Night has that gentle rock sonority that feels both genuinely deep and relatively relaxed. They described it as a track for everyone who enjoys late-night shenanigans, and we totally are that kind of people.

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