Lightning Jules – Broken Record

Broken records with gorgeous delicately powerful vocals? It's a must have for this cloudy-getting-but-warm Friday afternoon. Meet Lightining Jules.

I’m sold with deep female vocals. Lightning Jules’ track “Broken Record” starts with deep vocals and then goes to softer elements and an almost falsetto melodic feel that sounds like earth and heaven are together.

Lightning Jules is the solo project of Cologne and Paris-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Julia Zech, and “Broken Record” is the second single coming out from her debut album. Making it even harder to believe. Pouring her heart out in the form of indie ballads, her way of writing and singing, and playing is evidently one with the full heart and mind. Sounding tender but also incisive, non-pretentious, and altogether honest, there aren’t many descriptions or details about the project for now. But honestly, is there a need for much information? There is a beautiful thing in listening to a track, time and time again, without clearly knowing where it comes from. It brings us back to when we used to discovered new songs on a music store, by picking up a CD because we liked the cover; or to when we listened to a track played on the radio and there was no Shazam or anything other than enjoying it as much as we could and hope for the radio host to say a name.

Well, the name is Lightning Jules. And it seems to play with the name Julia, and some kind of blues that feel like love at first listen. Sounding nothing like a Broken Record, but mostly like a broken heart with a delicate voice, a gorgeous guitar vibe, and the necessary drums that feel powerful when needed. The track travels around our subconscious as much as around our heart, like only proper singer-songwriters have the way. But above all the delicate power of the vocals in the chorus is a no-brainer.

And if you enjoyed this one, get a grip on her debut track released about a month ago entitled “Where is Truth, where is love“.

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