Danielle Deckard – This One’s Gonna Hurt

Cloudy day? Danielle Deckard's might have the power you need to shake the bad vibes away!

Cloudy day? Looking for some indie-rock inspiration? Dannielle Deckard’s track, This One’s Gonna Hurt, provides us with the essential rendition of a powerful track that feels both shaky and like a kick in the darks.

With the two first minutes highly contained, the explosion with the electric guitar works as the proper release we need for a cloudy “weather”. The track is dark by nature. But a dark sonority that turns everything around making us feel like dark is the newest light. The final minute feels all in letting us forget how a track, sometimes, only needs a strong guitar and a voice capable of living to its sonority. There is, obviously, a bassline, that keeps the song alive when the electric guitar is not there. And the intimate setting of the bass beautifully contrasts with the explosive character of the electric one. The song sounds bi-polar, and we think that’s part of the attention. There is always a darker side to everything, but the opposite also applies. Our capacity to feel involved in life is what matters the most. And this track is filled with life so much we can feel our blood pumping it.

This is Danielle Deckard’s first single from her forthcoming album entitled TITAN. The video that accompanies the track was “made over the course of one weekend in Sydney in the middle of severe storms and high wind warnings” and was filmed by iPhones and a cheap camcorder and made by friends. Once again, it also represents perfectly the duality between chaos and pulling through based on our own self-reflection.

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