Wes King – Living Strange

Oasis meets Arctic Monkeys style

I recently discovered Wes King’s work and instantly became hooked by his Oasis meets Arctic Monkeys style. His passionate voice and strong lyrics got me mesmerized, working as a backbone, and sustaining most of his work in a clever and elegant way.

Currently, the former lead singer of the indie rock band Tres Kings is flying solo, as he decided to move on from his band and explore new ways to express himself. The release of his debut solo single Living Strange was an instant success online hitting 12k streams, 5k followers, and 10,000 listeners in the first month. It was the validation he needed to back up his decision, revealing the new and improved Wes King.

Living Strange is undoubtedly a step up from his previous work, even though it was initially intended for the band to play. The solo version emerged stronger, making the lyrics stand out and shine during the entire duration of the track. The clear keys set the tone of the song and welcome Wes’s voice to shine, adding a melancholic touch, giving us goosebumps every time he sings. Lastly, the strings, percussion, and clean guitar breach out of the chorus, bringing it all together in a beautiful combination of sounds.

Lyrically, and according to Wes, the song has a deep message and talks about pushing yourself through hard times. However, he prefers to leave it open to the listeners’ interpretation.

On the whole, Wes King did an amazing job on this track, creating something bold and beautiful that he should definitely be proud of.

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