Dirty Nice – Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya)

Looking for a track capable of taking you to somewhere more optimistic? Meet Dirty Nice and their newest track!

Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya) is the catchy vibe of the day. A track that is both well-vibed, electronically infused, and as fashionably modern as the video that comes with it.

Dirty Nice is a band made of Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson that has been making music for the last couple of years. Their sonority focuses on scratching alternative pop tracks with beautiful and catchy cues that draw us to acts like Dirty Projects and Passion Pit.

“Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya)”

The track released today via Chiverin is co-produced by Bad Sounds and is the first coming out from their debut album (October 1st) which will also be named by their TikTok audience. This is a track that got us on the first listen due to its overall light feel capable of taking our head out of worries and make the most out of the calming and chilling capabilities of music. Breezy, electronically infused and providing a proper experience and escape to both body and head. The “la la la la” that we hear from the beginning are unpretentious and naturally vibed, and the jazzy-funked pop elements feel like dancing the same way.

Accompanied by this gorgeous and psychedelic video clip that features the “band’s various cartoon characters such as Numbles the goad and Marting the brain gremlin“, Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya) is said to take inspiration from Spike Jonze’s offbeat comedy Being John Malkovich and talks about having a connection so strong with one person that we feel we can inhabit his/her mind.

“You want to live in their top pocket. You want to be a passenger in their head and see the world through their eyes. A song for this person.”

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