Bedrooms – Afterglow

From Dublin to the world. Meet Bedrooms and their first EP, Afterglow.

Who has never idolized their bedroom? That amazing place where we feel truly safe. That pace where we can dream. Believe that our tomorrow will be better and, always, think about what we would like to do or have. There, while our eyes are closed, the sky is the limit. But then we have to wake up. And then comes a sudden brightness, where we usually stand there for a few minutes trying to understand if what we have just seen is real or not. For these four Dublin boys, the dream has only just begun. And it’s time for them to get out of their Bedrooms and into the world.


“Afterglow” cover

This is the first EP from the Irish quartet, Bedrooms. And with only just ten minutes we find ourselves caught in what we might call a nostalgic moment about what the international music scene was, is, and eventually will be. Because with them we feel various clicks of band A, B, or C, which marked our I somewhere in time.

The band is composed of Dev McGarry, who takes control of the guitar and lead vocals, Fionn Montague rocking out on the guitar and backing up Dev on the vocals, Dane Staunton as bassman and also backing vocals and Ste O’Leary drumming our hearts out.

Listening to the quartet we think of Chapterhouse, Cigarettes After Sex, Dinosaur Jr., Guided by Voices, Hard-Fi, Lush, Pavement, Slowdive, or Weezer. The influences are immense, but the four form a unique journey that promises a unique future.

Let’s start with For Today, a slow-burn indie-rock that, over four minutes, gradually increases its volume and the power this ensemble has within them. And halfway through we explode. And we feel that moment of nostalgia we talked about earlier all over us. We smile because this is just what we wanted to hear.

Dancing in the Circle K is stirring, irreverent and different. As if on a breeze of fresh air, we are thrown into a rocky rhythm, with McGarry’s smooth voice guiding us through this story that could well be on our playlist for that future road trip we’re going on, post lockdown.

We close this little journey with in yer pocket. It’s beautiful and simple. Because a melody doesn’t need to have tremendous effects to be a real song. It gets straight to the point.

It wasn’t a dream. Bedrooms really exist. And if Afterglow is the first sniff we have of the band, we look forward to the next chapters. And a live concert, of course.

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