Scores – Talk Flood

We just feel it running through us, or we don't. "Talk Flood", the debut track by Scores definitely has it. As we feel it running up and down on our bodies.

The indie-rock vibe is probably the one that has the biggest possibility to hit us right in the veins, the very first time we hear it. It feels a bit like our blood flood. We just feel it running through us, or we don’t. Talk Flood, the debut track by Scores definitely has it. As we feel it running up and down on our bodies.

Scores are a band based on three long-time friends, who are also former roommates and like-minded architects of what they call cerebral indie rock. Here I was talking about feeling it in my brains when they actually talk about feeling it in our brains. Well, everything is related, and what matters here is actually the way this trio makes us wanna dance with the way they cleverly build up their sonority. What we actually did not know before listening to this the first couple of times is the fact that CJ Calhoun, the vocalist, is also from Cowboy Indian Bear. Accompanying him there are Austin and Alexander Ward, two brothers that are also behind The Noise FM project.

Scores are influenced by heavy bass lines, driving drums, and some crazy wildly distorted synths. And they garn indie-rock with a natural dancing ability that somehow enters brain and body at the same time. Talk Flood, their debut single presented here is probably weird at first – not gonna lie – but soon turns into something else. It’s like one of those big friends we have that we did dislike a lot at the start because of the way they look or sound like – but once we get around them and drink from their natural weird vibe, we actually notice they are special. There is a sense of chaos in the song that takes away our notion of music taste that we think we know about ourselves. Genre-defying but also subjectively generous. I just love it.

The lyrics were written in the wake of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri and they echo “the doom coming down on a whole generation” as both a matter of concern and strength.

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