Josh Savage – Young Fools

From living-room shows to finding love, Josh Savage is back to what he does best with "Young Fools".

Josh Savage is a special one for us. His World living-room show tour resulted in the creation of our WtMM Balcony Show (you can see the beautiful raw unplugged performance of Ghosts below). He is also one of the artists that played more Sofar Shows all over the World. The distinct raw quality of his songwriting and the way his vocals sound like the perfect mix of commercial and indie-pop with bits of folk always draws us too easily into his tracks. We think another reason are also the emotionally charged lyrics and the way he always seems to sing directly from his heart.

“Young Fools”

About two weeks ago he released Young Fools. This is his first single of 2021 and the first after his 2020 long-awaited debut album The Long Way Round. Being a heavily toured artist his luck was also stroke by the cancelation of a lot of shows during 2020. Being now on the verge of re-starting his super-engaging live shows, the track works a perfect balance between high-beat pop while still showcasing his typical sensible songwriting.

Starting off with the sound and cinematics of a fire, there are bags and bags of engaging hooks in the acoustic-electric guitar. Also, the way background vocals are perfectly building the flow is a no-brainer. The song does not take long until it reaches the chorus the first time, and we are glad for that. Young Fools easily engage with both our heads and our capacity to sing-along. The track talks about celebration nights that never end and about the intoxication of big dreams, and we definitely capture a lot of metaphors to what the last year was all about (or not about).

A song that is also a track about the big L. A word that Josh tries to keep out of his songs, while a big portion is ultimately about it. He explains it better:

When I first set out writing songs, I promised myself never to have the word “love” in them. I felt songs that did were cheesy and cliché and I was so dedicated to my art that I was single for nine years. It’s hard to build sparks into a meaningful flame when you are in another city the next day. I had seen the world playing hundreds of shows and made unforgettable memories, but I had nobody to share them with. I would look at couples my age and see fools wasting their youth away, naive in their mushy love bubble that I just couldn’t understand. But I started to wonder – am I the fool? And then I met someone

So, evidently, Young Fools is the first of a series of singles and videos that portrays a great thing that happened to him around the last year. The evidence of why it now makes sense to sing about love. With all the words that exist in the meaning of the word. Young Fools is the first one. And one that immediately speaks to our hearts too.

Young Fools was selected by the WtMM team to be included in our monthly updated Spotify playlist with the best recent tracks we covered. You can follow it here.

This is the 4th time we covered Josh Savage on WtMM, and more on him can also be found here:
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