[PREMIERE] Lea Lu – Everything Is On Fire

Catchy for days and practicing positivy in every bit of its sonority, Lea Lu's latest track is a gift for the soul.

Photo by Claudio Strueby, with artwork by ella manoo and colors by Rahel Durrer
Photo shows Lea standing at the top of an hill, the sun is in the background and everything looks sort of illustrated

It surely feels, lately, that everything is on fire. Reasons for that are substantially known, and the music industry has been one segment that has taken it with intensity. However, true to itself, and true to themselves, musicians have not stopped writing music. They keep making great tracks and fighting the negativity with consistent melodies responsible for “illuminating” the rest of the population. And that is a reality in every single country we know.

Everything Is On Fire is the latest track by LEA LU and a song to be released tomorrow. The track comes accompanied by a gorgeous and light-felt video we have the honor to premiere today! And everything truly makes justice to the subject of lighting up a room. Filled with positivity that the darkest moments need – and also the not so darkest ones – the track feels shining since the first moment! With its sonority and instrumental elements spanning from folk to indie rock and tasteful pop (still the most catchy genre that exists), and true to the style of great singer-songwriters like Feist.

As we get to the chorus and we listen “I don’t know why I don’t know why everything is on fire” we are hooked. The simplicity and delicacy of the vocals are eximious. And it is one track where it is most obvious the natural power that she has as a singer-songwriter. Everything Is On Fire features not only her incisive melodic vocals but some drumming, guitar, and even trumpets and trombones. All of them are perfectly introduced in the sonority. And those melodic vibes make it very easy to keep loving the track from start to end. They also provide the perfect build-up for a very strong ending we can’t have enough.

And yes, let it slide into the end, and you too will be singing this every single way your mind turns.

With her fourth album “I Call You” being released this year, we highly recommend you to follow her very closely on the below links.

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