Miir – Reminiscent Vibes, Vol.2

MiiR may say she is up to no good, but her new EP, "Reminiscent Vibes Vol. 2" is the real deal.

In search of the perfect recipe, we grabbed our magic cauldron and threw in the most diverse spices. Be it R&B, Soul, POP, Hip-Hop, for this magical combination we’ll give it everything. And from here comes one of those gems that we don’t want to let go of until we run out of hunger.

Mix Amy Winehouse, Celeste, Erykah Badu, Kelly, M.I.A and Missy Elliott and you’ve got a sonic explosion that will mess with anyone who messes with it. And the proof of this? MiiR. MiiR is from Gary, Indiana, but it is in Columbus, Ohio, that she triggered into the world of music.

Reminiscent Vibes Vol. 2 cover

This is the artist’s third EP. All so distinct, yet so connected with a power that sets us in our senses from the first minute. Whether it’s 2017’s Reminiscent Vibes, 2019’s Miirror of Solitude, or now, with Reminiscent Vibes, Vol.2, one point we’re sure of: if there’s a sure bet for a bright future, here it is. And Reminiscent Vibes, Vol. 2 unfolds in twenty minutes that pass as quickly as clicking back at the repeat button.

NO GOOD is the introductory flow of this EP that runs in three minutes and makes us vibrate with a vocal power that makes us wanna shout to the heavens.

BEHIND ME is groovy – and the time when our first feet start tapping on the dance floor. Whether it’s the artist’s voice or the youthful beat, the reality is that it fits this type of music very well.

3:18 reminds us of the tone of voice of Celeste, in a more R&B mood, impossible to remain indifferent.

BETTER DAYZ is beautiful, with a catchy rhythm that can’t get out of your head.

DEEP is intense, with a touch of Macy Gray in between that chills everything inside of us.

To finish, SECURE THE BAG (its happening), is a track we feel as ours since the first minute. We must warn you, it is beautiful.

You can be up to NO GOOD sitting there BEHIND ME, but after 3:18, BETTER DAYZ are sure to come, and that will got out so DEEP that you need to SECURE THE BAG (its happening). I feel this pun sentence is a nice way to resume Miir and these wonderful beats, right?

MiiR is vibrant, a breath of fresh air for the music industry, and her new EP is a proof of that. Remember the name, because for sure it will be someone to talk about more in the near future.

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