[NWNA] Jordan Occasionally – Indigo

Groovy powerful words? Say no more. Jordan Occasionally is here with her first album, Indigo.

We all like to fall in love. Be it with an outfit, a song, a place, or even a person. It’s a unique feeling, where our belly levitates and our head sometimes doesn’t think. But, occasionally, our head also reflects on the matter, and with this we help strengthen our feeling and perhaps let the flow take its course to a different goal than usual.

And this is the week where we are delighted to fall in love with an incredible artist. Meet Jordan Occasionally: Jordan is the first name, Occasionally is her alter-ego who throws heartfelt words with a purpose that guides us through her veins with a rhythm that promises to be indifferent to no one.

Officially, we are talking about Jordan Dodson. Dodson is American, from Memphis, Tennessee, and describes herself as an activist and artist based in the Neo-Soul style of music. Here in Portugal, we describe Dodson as a chameleon, who goes from POP to Soul, from danceable rhythm to the one that pulls a tear in your eye, or even from California to New York State, managing to please and pull attention from either side.

On the activist side, she received the “Student Communicator of the Year Award“, the first given by the University of Memphis, derived from the organized protests regarding Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade.

On the musical side? We feature Indigo, the artist’s first album of originals, on this week New Week New Album.


Indigo cover

Indigo is a short album, but it is big enough to fill our hearts with hope and the desire to want more, and more, and more.

We start with Issaparty. And it starts right away with one of those soulful grooves. In terms of rhythm, the beginning reminds us of the Portuguese artist Da Chick, and her funky beats, in I got Music, a song that participated in the Portuguese Eurovision Song Festival 2021.

Don’t Wait Up is more mellow, drawing on Jordan’s vocal creativity and his thousand and one amazing attributes.

Under Cover keeps the previous record, where Pop, Soul, and a more danceable style intersect in one track and, guess what? We are suddenly reminded of Jorja Smith, and her powerful musical drive.

Set the Mood is melancholy, and if there is ever a time for that strong hug, let it be with this beat at that moment of yours.

In addition to the previous formula, Whatyouwant has a little jazz in the middle as well, and some very strong lighting by Alicia Keys, which promises not to be indifferent to us.

Haven’t you danced a little bit yet? With Feel the Groov they can’t say no. “From your fingers to the ceiling, From the earth find your meaning, Find a place you need to heal, Open up just to hear it, Feel the Groov“. And out of nowhere we clap our hands and our hips already move properly.

Like Us means exactly what the song title challenges. And our style, our quirks, our charisma. The lyrics say just that. If there’s one thing you can know about yourself, this is the track to express what and who you are.

We close with a golden key and Don’t Stop. “Don’t stop, don’t stop til you reach the top”. A beautiful motto that should guide us all day long, right? And with a danceable flow until no more.

Jordan may have Occasionally in her stage name, but it’s certainly a name we want to have regularly on our playlist and shared throughout. Whether it’s on the sweeter side, or a more funky and danceable moment, this is an artist with a WtMM label.

Oh, and while we’re at it, how about moving from Jordan Occasionally to…Jordan Regularly…😊?

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