Nicky Murray – It is So

Prepare yourself for a transcendent experience.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and embark with us on this two-and-a-half-minute journey through Nicky Murray’s brilliant mind.

Nicky Murray is a talented singer-songwriter and multi-Instrumentalist from Scotland, who decided to team up with Zoe Graham to give life to his first release of 2021 entitled It is So.

The music is a clever combination of folk-pop vibes from Murray’s voice with electric pads and multiple synthesizers, almost as if Tim Baker was singing on top of a Chet Faker instrumental.

Allow your ears to soak the soft tones of the synths and enhance your heartbeat, while the combination of Nicky and Zoe’s voices transport you to an alternative dimension. Feel your skin rising, as the light robotic tone hits your brain and Murry´s calming vocals escort you throughout the song…yes, the goosebumps are normal, we also had them when we first listen to it. Lastly, Zoe’s beautiful harmonies are the cherry on top of the cake, adding a distinct touch to the track and giving it a lot of personality.

Recorded during Lockdown, the lyrics to the song are provocative and reflect on themes like desire and connection, exploring the emotions and deep thoughts drifting into the artist’s mind during this challenging and gloomy period we are facing.

We strongly recommend you adding It is So from Nicky Murray to your relaxation playlist, if you have one, and if you don’t, it is the best starting point possible. So please enjoy this transcendent experience.

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