Pynch – The Whole World’s Going Crazy (For Love)

The whole world’s going crazy, but you still have your happy place.

The Image shows Pynch four members, wearing colourful jackets in a winterish day in London.

We have been trying to adapt to the “new normal” for almost two years now, forced to deep dive into the unknown and facing an existential crisis on multiple levels. The whole world’s going crazy, but still, we are finally beginning to understand and value things that we used to underestimate. And here, is when culture stands out and shows its true power.

Caged and disoriented, some of us found, in simple things like music, cinema, and books, a happy place to use as a shelter for sad thoughts and unwanted emotions. This gift created by humans for humans is now, more than ever, fulfilling its purpose, even if in this limited and weird way.

When I first listened to The whole world’s going crazy (For Love) by the London quartet Pynch, I felt a whirlwind of emotions and was immediately transported to that exact warm and cozy happy place.

Reminding indie-minded greats like The Strokes or Beach Fossils, this song makes us revisit good thoughts and feelings in a timid and selfish attempt to deal, individually, with the current turmoil that is shaking the whole world. Gloomy with a humorous sarcastic touch. The lyrics greet unconventionally, the joyful melody of this track, creating a perfect symbiosis and making this odd marriage work beautifully.

This hidden jewel of the indie-pop scene is ready to be found and appreciated, and no time is better than now, “so put on something comfy, and come lay out in the sun.

The imagem shows a muddy grownd with a tv and a tire supporting each other

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