Hause Plants – Summer Salt

Hause Plants' newest track hits us right from the beginning and rapidly evolves into a melancholic race inviting us to dance ourselves loose.

The four members of Hause Plants are sitted on the ground of and abandoned water park. There's graffitis everywhere.

Hause Plants starts with the creations of Guilherme Machado, a Portuguese-based indie-rock-lo-fi-inspired singer-songwriter. Guilherme writes and records on his guitar from his bedroom all the tracks. But this is also a band project that incorporates 3 other elements: JAntónio Nunes da Silva on drums, and along Guilherme, also António Nobre (bass), and Daniel Oliveira on guitars.

This is a project that focuses on themes that are more and more common to a big part of the younger population and to this modern time we are living, where social anxiety takes the central stage, and where “careless coming-of-age and nights out in a big city” somehow hinders some of our capacity as human beings even we still feel we are having a great time.

“A fast-paced indie rock song made for the sunny days”

Yesterday, they released Summer Salt. The track comes with a proper super indie video-clip (by Manuel Casanova) that perfectly portrays the Hause Plants spirit. It hits us right from the beginning with the echoed-melancholic guitar elements and the steady condensed drums that rapidly evolve into a melancholic race inviting us to dance ourselves loose.

The gorgeous video evolves from the band playing all out at what seems to be an abandoned waterpark scenery; being threatened to leave the premises by a machete-self-entitled-police (that actually happened); to a Summer-feeling of finishing the day hanging out on the beach (how much we miss that!). And that evolution is accompanied by a tender feeling present in the track’s sonority too. Almost unnoticeable, suddenly we hear less melancholic vibes and more positivity and a clear sense of freedom. As it evolves, Summer Salt leaves space for some instrumental improvisation, and a general feeling of taking the most out of the good times we have left. The 80’s indie-rock and post-punk vibe vibes are clearly there. As also the also lo-fi-pop and shoegaze elements are obvious while never dull.

Summer Salt is released through the “super DIY indie label & curator of lo-fi / bedroom pop/dream pop” Spirit Goth and marks us as a feel-good highlight of this year. A proper silver lining for what is to come.

Summer Salt is Hause Plants’ second single from the debut EP Film For Color Photos EP, out in May 2021. To grab it all you can follow them all over the Webs:
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