Lyn Lapid – Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy plays so cleverly with a very well-known sentence (and child's song) that the most impressive fact is how Lyn Lapid actually made it so powerfully her own.

First things first, Lyn Lapid is one of those cases where, from the act of hearing this track, thinking about writing about it and actually writing about it, the artist has gone viral. A good kind of virus that is. And it’s good to know that can still happen nowadays. Even when considering the ever-growing number of new acts and artists that pop up every day in the indie music world – which is also, don’t take us wrong, a good thing!. Well, Adam Levine may say otherwise, but from our experience on managing a magazine focused on these, we get more contacts and submissions about new artists and bands by the day.

Lyn Lapid is a 17-year-old classically trained musician. And that fact is reflected in the sort-of-classical structures of her songs. However, the unpredictable vocal elements and the way she defies genres might have something to do with the huge amount of success she has on her first two tracks. Also a member of the vocal collective EARCANDY, she grew her following on Youtube with covers of many acts since 2018. She then turned into a TikTok sensation. All this also had the potential of ruining her original creations when she went for them. But it did not, and the experience of listening to her tracks is evidently what dictates that. Firstly because of the insanely good vocals. And secondly, all the rest. Everything makes sense. And everything is clever, genre-defying, and impactful.

Lyn Lapid genre-defying pop tracks

As a solo performer, she sings, writes, and also plays all the instruments in her tracks. And the two first solo releases are candy for our (and we believe everyone’s) ears. The DIY approach is probably what takes it out of the park but there are catchy melodies and bits and bytes that get right into our brains every time we listen to it. And her latest, Itsy Bitsy, plays so cleverly with a very well-known sentence (and child’s song) that that most impressive fact is how it actually she made it entirely her own. Even the video, produced at her home, is a brilliant DIY effort. But above all, the vocals are out-of-this-world both in presence, power, and tenderness. Still, there is a proper edge to them (and to her) that might very well continue to turn her into a sensation.

Also, the amount of bass power in the track is superb, contributing to a very immersed experience for the listener. The static at the beginning and end of the video is ironic concerning the sound quality, which is all the way throughout the track, mesmerizing.

Itsy Bitsy follows the release of her debut original track entitled Producer Man (which was a sensation through TikTok) and already amounts to about 5M plays on Youtube. Again, the quality speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Good Pop is more alive than ever, and we love this (and that).

With her debut EP coming song probably this year, you should not be the last one to follow her:
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