[NWNA] Allie Crow Buckley – Moonlit and Devious

From the city of angels to the rest of the world, this week we have a date set with Allie Crow Buckley and her debut studio album, Moonlit and Devious.

From the city of angels (Los Angeles) to the rest of the world, this week we have a date set with Allie Crow Buckley and her debut studio album, Moonlit and Devious.

Buckley has multiple faces, with a tremendous irreverence when it comes to music. Winding through her melodies, we see well-composed lyrics, which allow us to dream, merging with very interesting sonorities where, with a good pair of headphones, we enter the most varied worlds, all of them with a personal mark that the artist makes clear as if it were a brand.

The same can be glimpsed in her Spotify biography: gathering inspiration from a wide variety of art forms, such as music, where we can put Black Sabbath, Joni Mitchell, or Todd Rundgren in the same sentence, painting or poetry, with writers such as Robert Graves, William Blake, and Robert Penn Warren at the forefront. There is still a clear emphasis on a specific genre, namely classical music – something that the artist reveals is in her veins given her practice as a dancer in the past.

Buckle up your seatbelt: this trip will last thirty-seven minutes, with ten excellent stops along the way. For each destination, a different sound, be it softer, darker, with or without a voice. The quality is clear: it is destined for great flights.

The first stop throws us into Nothing Scared, where Allie’s voice is plugged in with a very garage rock style guitar driven by Dylan Day and some sensual keyboard touches that take us to heaven by Lee Pardini. The set is tremendously classy. Class that makes you press the repeat mode repeatedly.

Moonlit and Devious, the theme that gives the album its name, mesmerizes us from the first second, with a touch that seems religious. It is a real love song, with the singer’s personal experience about her relationship and the distance she had faced with her partner for a few months. And like a good love song, the lyrics, accompanied by a beat that pulls us to the most nostalgic tear we have stored in our heart.

In the transition from this melancholic moment, we have Serpentress, which reveals us a more experimental, less studied version of the section we walk down. Here we have sounds, beats, whatever you want to call it. All of them together make sense, composing a soundtrack that could be for one day of our own.

Taming Shadows, the song that closes this journey with a golden key, brings together the best that was expressed in the other songs, where the keyboard and Buckley’s voice are united in one rhythm, capturing our attention from beginning to end.

Allie Crow Buckley makes her studio album debut with a powerful message that we believe is necessary for the future. The voice, crystal clear as water, is a portent which, being fused with an irreverent ability to produce beautiful lyrics, translates into a sure bet for the future.

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