Lena Minder – Stay Around

A voice telling you to “Stay Around”

Stay Around is the first single of the singer/songwriter Lena Minder and, as the title suggests, we want her to stay around for as long as possible!

This fascinating tune, recorded with Cameron Laing at «The Famous Goldwatch» Studios in Berlin, highlights Lena’s angelical voice and her ability to overwhelm us by playing with vocal effects, creating different textures and delightful harmonies.
The unpretentious guitar chords blend smoothly with her voice, bringing all the elements together in a beautiful, dreamy synchronization. Her music influences are strongly present in her work, bringing to mind obvious hints of the folk trio The Staves as well as bits of Feist’s indie vibe.

Stay Around was written just before the Swiss artist decided to move back from Berlin to her home country in March 2020 and conveys the whirlwind of emotions felt by Lena at that time. Although that change never happened due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the feeling of leaving something that she loved behind inspired her to create this lovely gem.

The lyrics are simple, yet intimate, and explore the feeling of accepting a break-up that has never been overcome, paying a magnificent tribute to the sense of belonging and its evanescence.

The visuals to the song are equally emotive and melancholic, featuring Lena in a long white dress, walking around abandoned buildings full of white Venetian masks, revisiting fragments of old memories and people who left a mark in her life.

No matter what, sometimes is difficult to say goodbye. Still, we can consider ourselves fortunate to, from now on, have a song like this to make those moments a bit easier

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