Great Park Avenue – The Rain

Constructing a Musical Identity

It’s weird how humans work. How we, as social creatures, feel the need to interact, create and share memories. Growing up, our first friends are mostly family, our parents, brothers, sisters, or cousins. However, this seems to be far from enough, and we seek something more, something different. We start choosing our connections, and they start choosing us.

The same happens with music. Usually, we begin by listening to what our family and friends listen to, and from there, we slowly start developing and polishing our musical taste, creating our own musical identity.

It is fascinating how just by searching through someone’s Spotify playlist or record collection, we are able to identify traces of their personality. That is one of music’s many powers, and I am definitely proud to add The Rain by Great Park Avenue to my identity.

This raw “Britpop-esque” masterpiece by the Swedish indie-rock band Great Park Avenue, has the power to transport us to a reminiscent of the post-punk Britpop glory days. Their sound is something in between the gray melancholy of the Trainspotting movie and the anarchic vibe of a Sex Pistols concert.
Powerful explosions of sound erupting in all directions merging with a gloomy lyrical journey through modern-society adolescence, complete with its expectations, feelings, uncertainties, and shortcomings. In the end, the lyrics talk about love in a soft yet profound way, giving space to the interpretation of the listener without being sloppy and making it easy to relate to.

Released on October 2nd, I can say that The Rain has already become one of my favorite songs of 2020 and I truly recommend that you give it a try.

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