[PREMIERE] Konstantin Shimanowski – Remis

Remis is a gorgeous masterpiece to which every single human being should give a listen.

Photo by Sergei Sviatchenko
Konstantin Schimanowski Remis PREMIERE

To what music genre concerns, we like to vary, every time we can. The fact is that when a great track invades our ears (and all the rest that comes with it, including our hearts) and we feel it deep inside us, like part of our being, it does not matter the genre. That’s, probably, one of the most beautiful things in music. Well, Konstantin Shimanowski’s release entitled Remis is, for me, a gorgeous masterpiece, to which every single human being should give a listen.

Remis tastes like winter – and the video that illustrates it also helps in that department. The track mixes classical elements with a beautiful and dramatic composition. It floats between a movie original score, a poetry-spoken word track, and some tender and whispered folk (?) vocals. It sounds like a mist, where the vocals sound like our conscience, and the impressive violin melodies substitute the wind, the cold, and everything that is uncomfortable, giving space to an inspiring melodic catharsis.

Konstantin Schimanowski is a Russian-born and German-based (since he was 8) musician/composer. He writes and co-produces his own songs along with musical scores. His compositions are of course highly influenced by his work under the specter of contemporary art. As a solo musician, he has recently released the four-track EP entitled Vaila. His songs express the difference between different cultures and systems, and in the combination of visual arts with sonority escapes, he finds his art heart. About Remis, Konstantin says:

“It is a song about a blind spot, coming with you wherever you go and whoever you meet, like a dead space in my vision. The things I wouldn’t want to see. But also, it is a song about loss, when you lost someone but are unable to let go and then this person stays in that invisible gap in your soul.”

Remis is a song I instantly loved without boundaries. It is beautiful, unique, and while sounding classical it can still feel like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the pop, folk, and rock music we hear every day. And it’s truly captivating how a song with a guitar, a violin, and a simple vocal approach can sound so rich. Like music that comes from inside.

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