[NWNA] Sofa T – Yakera

In 2020 the sofa of our livingroom became our work chair. In 2021 Sofa T became one of our favourite discoveries and Yakera is going straight to our tops of the year.

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We’re on the sofa, sitting down, doing a usual social media scroll. Facebook check, Instagram check. Out of nowhere, a record shop for which we have a lot of admiration shares Sofa T in one of those posts that catch our attention. We’re talking about the mythical German record, streetwear, and sneaker shop, HHV. HHV is amazing. And is known for the difference of always presenting us with extravagant rhythms, every day, all the time. 

It’s Monday. It’s New Week New Album Day. From the most known, to the pearls that are yet to be unveiled. Grab your headsets, because we are appending the letter T to the word Sofa and reveal one of the best-kept secrets of the Nordic countries: we’re talking about the Danish Sofa T. T is part of the Record Label Super Bad Disco, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The worldwide release crosses a few borders and takes us to Beat Jazz International, a Berlin-based record label with a clear love for Beats, Jazz, and Vinyl. A good set for any lover of good music, right? 


Yakera is the artist’s second album of originals. After Radio Sofa, Yakera refines the formula already spread by the Danish artist. Yakera is divided into 15 flows, separated by 30 minutes. It was the fastest 30 minutes of our lives, we confess. And this is not a bad feeling. It’s a great feeling, in that the music genuinely accompanied us throughout that moment of work. 

We walked right into it with Suzy. Thirty-five seconds. Thirty-five seconds is all it takes to make us jump out of our chair and head straight to our favorite showroom. While we can’t do it, the living room is our dancehall and the beat, well, the beat comes straight from the top of Europe. 

In this rollercoaster of sounds, where creativity is the master and mistress of the path, the album closes with a golden key thanks to Drugovi. There is a jazz aspect in it that moves any one of us. And in between, the characteristic beat that accompanies us since the beginning of the record. It is an explosion of flavors. Sorry: an explosion of sounds. 

The artist proves that you don’t need a lot to set a house on fire: it’s beats, sticking to a hip-hop flow, with a dose of jazz in between. But this is where T is different – you don’t need a voice to guide you on Yakera. From Suzy to Drugovi, the sounds and rhythms that run through your head control your thoughts and only confirm that you should shake. And shake infinitely. 

As Sofa T says on his Spotify, “Sofa T is the sound of always trying” – and it’s a sound we should all try – because it’s a sure thing to try in the music industry.

Listen to the whole LP here:

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