Sharktank – For Myself

Two EPs marked their debut in 2020, and as self-empowerment is contagious, they are back with a song we all should sing to ourselves.

Photo by Aaron Hader

Soon it starts, I’m hooked. There are not many songs that do this nowadays. It takes the right amount of melodic feel and the right amount of familiarity mixed with novelty. It’s probably the most difficult thing to achieve in today’s music. Sharktank do it in their latest single For Myself.

Singing about self-empowerment – the most necessary and urgent need of the Earth population -, the track is not only good-vibed but one that makes its listeners feel huge amounts of good. It is also singable, very easy to hum along. And most of all, very easy to fall in love with it in terms of meaning and flow.

"The song tackles the urge to follow oneselfs dreams even at the cost of a troubled relationship: "I do it for myself and for nobody else". It is set as a dialogue between Katrin (vocals) and Mile (rap), which sees each side advertising their position and reason for action."

The track starts more pop than anything, but in a handsome gentle dose. Then, when when we are already hooked, it changes. It emerges a kind of half-modern with half-90s-sounding hiphop that could also be called hip-pop. As we go on it continues to evolve. It goes back to the start (now more instrumentally enriched and urban) until it gives another go on some surprising variations. It eventually ends, with a small reprise to leave us full but still eager for more.

This is track 1 in 2021 for Sharktank. The trio took advantage of last (sad) year to get great things out of it, releasing 2 EPs. The first, Dirty Leaks (listen above), vibes sonorities like Mayer Hawthorne on the instrumentals. Introducing chilled rap elements with a lot of poetry, it even draws out some good dancing lines. In the second, Bad Energy (listen below), we feel everything but a malady. Infused with a clear merge between hip hop and other indie-pop elements, this record seems to mark the spot. The place where they found their melting sonority. Everything sounds fresh and easy to love. We can even experience some kind of catharsis in the beautiful process of listening to it. Washed up, the first track is the purest of perfection btw.

This hyper-productive Austrian trio composed of Mile (MC), Katrin Paucz (vocals), and Marco Klleebauer (production) is building the bridge towards their upcoming debut album. Their listeners can eagerly expect their path to continue this way. Combining the best of the indie songwriting mood, late 90s Hip Hop vibes, and very attractive pop beats. We include ourselves in that pack. We eagerly wait for more.

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