Loshh – ÍFARADÁ (EP)

Nigerian, Dutch, UK, from Soul to Spoken Word to Funk. You call it, but you should name it Loshh.

Photo by Udoma Janssen
Loshh ÍFARADA interview

Nigerian, Dutch, and, at this moment, in absolute lockdown in Her Majesty’s Lands. A kind of Erasmus, Erasmus that brings us to the revelation of an artist that is a bet of the whole WtMM team. He is Jazz, Soul, Spoken Word, Classical, RnB, Indie, Rock, Funk, and Pop. You can include more styles, the ones you want to put on this musical living wheel. We put all these genres together in the same studio and we have a special option in our head: it’s called Loshh Aje, better known in the music industry as Loshh. Loshh is not just a musician. He’s an artist, the creator of a movement that won’t leave our minds for a long time to come.

Loshh released his first EP, ÍFARADÁ five days ago (12th February). In the record are 7 themes, 7 genres, 7 flows that penetrate our body and soul. It starts with É Beré. Seven minutes where we feel like we’ve traveled to Loshh’s African roots. There’s a lot of music within one track – and this one is proof of that. So be careful and do get lost in it.

Also influenced by the African continent, but in a more revolutionary style where the voice is the power and the power is in the voice, we have Revolution – and the proven proof that with music we can also get there – and claim the gates of heaven.

With a more European mix – one of Loshh’s first singles – Feelam (scroll up and hit “play” again), is also included in the EP, and we are happy for that. This is a track where we feel the vocal touch is perfect, recalling in certain parts the French composer and musician Woodkid. We feel that’s a fair comparison, and by “fair” we mean the best compliment we could give.

Í, is the fourth (original) track on the EP. It mixes the four corners of the world, where a breeze from the North Americans The Strokes or Red Hot Chili Peppers makes it hover in the air from the 50th second. The format is groovy, and the footwork, this one, when we look down, we can see we already started working on the dance floor.

Brown is again a reminder that you don’t need fireworks to impress at a party. The power of Loshh’s voice is touching, and on this track, he seems to be preaching something to us. We’re paying attention. Better yet, and very soon after the track reaches the chorus we’re already surrendered.

Faji, the second single from this EP, is also calmer, and more European – if we can’t characterize it that way – but it also never forgets the jazz format that characterizes his project so well.

The record ends on a (yet another!) high note with Ko Si Mo. We close our eyes. We imagine rain, Brooklyn, lights, night. It’s a ride of emotions, with this background music accompanying us. Making us, somehow, evolve inside. It has such a captivating flow that two and a half minutes feel so little in the midst of so much emotion.

We feel a good vibe with Loshh. A vibe that could start at dinner, as a piece of background music, moving suddenly to the dance floor where nobody can take their feet off the floor because the rhythms are hallucinating. But there is still time for that slow, really slow, where Loshh’s voice guides us in the darkness. And it always hits our final destination. What a mix. What a mix of good feelings.

And nothing better than to know the opinion of the artist himself. We put some questions to Aje. Like the proper Artist Loshh is (the capital is intentional), he didn’t leave us without some good proper answers.

[WtMM] Who is Loshh and how can you describe yourself in one word?
[Lossh] I can’t describe myself at all – there isn’t a single word that defines me. I’d rather let you build your own impression of me.

What is the meaning behind ‘ÍFARADÁ’ and what can listeners expect from the EP?
It is about perseverance – it’s almost a prayer or a call to the strongest but overlooked people in this world – Black women. It is about celebrating the joy and the struggle, and how we will never let our spirits get lost.

We, the listeners, are happy when listening to new songs, new artists, new moods. And you, are you happy with the music you are producing?
I am more than happy, proud, and excited about the stuff I create with my producer Santiago Morales. This is my first baby, my first body of work, so I am both protective and eager to share its first steps.


What are you listening to nowadays?
Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of music from the Afro genre e.g. Duncan Mighty, 9ice, Styl-Plus, and Terri. It’s definitely made lockdown less boring!!

Who are your inspirations?
My Inspirations really do vary as people do inspire me for different things, but I’d say they are Yinka Ayefele, Prince, Andre 3000, Kanye, Fela Kuti, and King Sunny Ade.

What is your biggest dream?
As a musician, I do and I don’t know what my biggest dream is! For me it’s just to be able to touch people – that’s one big dream in itself. Music is a spiritual and universal force – I want people to feel.

Ten years from now, how and where do you believe will be Loshh?
In 10 years, Loshh will be in his own lane – not conforming and being his own person. Whatever life has in store for me is greatness.

A protest of well saying. Because Loshh wants the world, and the world will surely want Loshh. This is a Where The Music Meets bet for the future of music. 

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