Isadora Eden – All Night (EP)

Isadora Eden releases her debut EP, after 4 singles since 2018. It's an album to listen to All Night, that will Choke you and shake your Bones until you take your Ghosts out... at least By Now.

Isadora Eden

The year 2021 might be a strange one in many ways. And especially for the music industry which became more and more digital than ever. Artists have no chance to show their work presented to the public, however, they became more creative and inventive this year. Now, new bands and musicians found their shot in this highly competitive world and we can’t be happier with that. Isadora Eden is one of those young artists who are making their path on their way up to be noticed. And we’ve noticed her.

After releasing 3 singles in 2018 and another in 2020, Isadora presents now her debut EP All Night. A 4-song album with sophisticated yet raw sonorities with smooth resemblances to The Cranberries. The album is a mix between folk-rock guitars, shoegaze drums, and dream-pop vocals. All together gives it an amplified version of the lyrics: Isadora inputs depth and volume with her voice which is followed by a charismatic rhythmic section.

The opening song, Ghosts is probably the most dynamic one. The folky elements turn into some kind of post-rock vibe, we can definitely hear vulnerability but also the maturity that reminds us of Elena Tonra. It’s a song where the intensity comes out of everything but the tender voice.

The rock/shoegaze vibe comes more noticeable in Choke, a more melodic and slow song. Different from the previous one, in Choke, is the band who leads the way, almost like lightning the road. We feel like Isadora is at the end of the trail and we are just getting closer and closer to her. Finally, in Bones, we meet her and the performance sounds more united. In a very nostalgic melody, the song hits us and at this point, we can’t go back (as if we ever wanted…).

The only negative detail this EP has is the fact that it’s too short, we wanted more! By Now is the last track and gives us the idea that “this is it…By now”. Eden “says goodbye” in the most whispering track of the album. In four songs she can express her musicality in very different ways but always connected to each other. In four songs she captivated us and it’s quite difficult to get out. We’re stuck in this EP, by now.

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