[TGIF] Bound Maps

Diversity is what music is all about, and what makes it so freaking special to almost any human on earth. These are 12 great releases that made our most recent days more special.

Photo from Posable Action Figures new album. FB. January 2021

This is the first time ever that the WtMM Team on one single post is composed by five (!!) different writers. We are proud of that because more people means we can cover more bands and artists. And that means that a TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) like this one features more music, from more genres. And diversity is what music is all about, and what makes it so freaking special to almost any human on earth. So here they are, 12 great releases that made our most recent days more special.

HAERTS – Shivering

Shivering is the latest single from the duo HAERTS (we’ve talked about them earlier), and the first advance of their upcoming album entitled Dream Nation. The track distills a rock feel with some very strong instrumental hooks! Based on guitar and an organ (and gorgeous drums), and that already typical strong and echoing vocals from Nini Fabi. And everything is wrapped up by a strong synth presence. Shivering is a contagious song and one that fits the need to feel energetic during these days. For us, it took a bit until HAERTS released another great song that feels true to their original sonority. But here they are, showing us that their splendor is all there! We can’t wait for the album.

Stayhomie feat. Snezhik – Chilled Love

Sometimes music can surprise us. When we first listen to the voyage that is Chilled Love we weren’t sure what we were listening to. Electronic-based and electronic in terms of progression too, the track sounds both experimental and melodic. Snezhik voice sounds ethereal but also incisive and with a lot of power. Without varying too much, and always keeping its original feel; the track goes by like a breeze and sounds perfect for the final of a weekday. Just like a slow drive in the night feeling all our thoughts. The song is also part of his upcoming album Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1 which is out today (Friday 12th)!

Tiger Darrow – MRNG BRTH

MRNG BRTH is a song about having someone who loves you even when you have raging morning breath“. Well life, is life and all the little things that come with it. Just like love is all the little things that come with it. Tiger Darrow’s latest song was released yesterday! Self-produced, the track was completely created in her NY bedroom (and mastered by John Greenham at his bedroom too). Or as we like to call it, the quarantine way. The track that sounds predominantly pop has a nice shoegaze vibe to it. The instrumentals also verse on dream pop, but ultimately what we feel the most is the alt-lo-fi-pop vibe. Filled with lovely hooks and details, this showcases the best in new pop music. MRNG BRTH also demonstrates once again that you don’t need a big studio to make meaningful good music.

Posable Action Figures – Bound

We’re talking about rock, raw rock, a duo just like The Black Keys, Royal Blood, and others. Posable Action Figures are the new ones leading us to light. The guys from Edinburgh just released their final single Bound alongside the debut album It Is What It Is and its energy is everything we needed for this weekend. Gareth vocals are somewhere between the soft-pop and the raw-rock/screamo, a bit like Aaron Bruno from Awolnation, but then his guitar riffs are melodic and intense, placed just when it’s needed, combining with the frenetic and always unpredictable drums from Kyle Grieve. The 11-track album is already on every streaming platform and it’s a must for you! An incredible trip that lasts almost 40 minutes.

Mint Julep – Black Maps

This is one of those cases where lovers become partners and music declares them husband and wife. Mint Julep is a dream-pop duo formed by Hollie and Keith Kenniff, who builts their music over spacious synths, shoegaze vibes, and technicolor melodies. Summer is coming and Mint Julep’s forthcoming album In a Deep & Dreamless Sleep marks its arrival. To be released on March 19th, this is their following work after 2019’s dynamic Stray Fantasies (you can listen to it here on Spotify) and it’s presented by the first single Black Maps. A perfect welcome card, the song shows just what Mint Julep is about: a somehow intriguing down-beat that evokes the freshest and celebrating sonorities, which needs just as many vocals as it has.

Black Maps was released amongst A Rising Sun, apparently a too different song but rapidly it shows similar sonorities, structures, and paths. It’s almost a B-side and it’s absolutely gorgeous to listen one after the other.

Acrost – Ambergris

Music is always evolving, and musicians are constantly trying to catch up in order to survive in the industry. What a time to be alive, right? We have the privilege to live in an era where music goes way beyond melody and lyrics, exploring and experimenting with visuals and complex concepts. That’s exactly what we love about Acrost, a project that is constantly finding new ways to go further, eliminating all conceptual boundaries to create something fresh and different. Every single song tells a story, playing not only with sound but mostly with visuals to the fullest. The artist presents us with an alternative reality addressing folkloristic myths, bizarre and oneiric experiences, and the dark side of nature. Let yourself be carried away by his last release Ambergris and dive into the abnormal world of Acrost.

Sports – Call Me Anytime

Call Me Anytime is as fresh as tracks get, as it is some hours old. Earlier today, Sports released their new project, Get A Good Look Pt. 1. This project is a six-piece effort that the Oklahoma dream-pop duo got to incorporate various elements of different genres like indie-funk and synth-pop. There are some features resembling Son Lux in an upbeat and sunny way, or even Tame Impala’s last album The Slow Rush. Call Me Anytime is the final of the six tracks and it is a sauntering slow burn that hypnotizes through repetition before culminating in a rippling guitar solo – and a hell of a way to end this week.

flowers de moon – Asleep

flowers de moon is a self-proclaimed “creator of trippy groovy indie electronic music” and we got to say they’ve got a point. His latest release is called Asleep and it is much more than it meets the eye (ear?). This track is almost 7 years in the making, having its backbones created in January 2014 and finally getting completed by the end of 2019, “when they recorded the chorus vocals at the artist house [they were] living at in Highland Park“. Asleep is a trippy, dark and at times scattered tune that portrays exactly the sensations of FOMO. The artist reveals that the title refers to the chorus, where it’s stated: “I never wanna fall asleep again, is it really living?”. This phrase in turn is about the fear of missing out on life, specifically for flowers de moon: “the parties/benders/binges/substance abuse and the accompanying misery, extreme FOMO, sleep problems“. Go crazy like you’re not stuck at home clicking the link below:

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – New Fragility (NEW LP)

Say Yeah while Clapping Your Hands: Alec Ounsworth is back with his band and it’s the Brooklyn band’s sixth album, entitled New Fragility. 10 songs, 41 minutes of pure pleasure. Hesitating Nation kicks off the record with such a standard fresh beat that it reminds us of that holiday… That sepia atmosphere where we were happy. The whole record takes that mark as a reminder of what we lived and have to live for. And why not do it while we applaud? Because the past should be remembered, the present lived and the future, well, the future should always be the best of the other two worlds. A new LP that makes us think and remember of life, the rest is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in their purest of forms.

Death From Above 1979 – One + One

One + One is the first single from Canadian duo Death From Above 1979’s new album, Is 4 Lovers. Four years after Outrage! Is Now, the beat, raw and hard, reminiscent of the best of what’s done in this rock industry, is back to animate our veins. An infinite loop between guitar and drums appears in the background, a background that allows you to shake your head, dance with your feet, and scream of happiness with Sebastien Grainger’s voice further on. One + One is the perfect beat to be played live, the kind that makes you want to cry and ask for more. 

Lime Cordiale – Nobody Takes Me Seriously

The Australian Rock Band Lime Cordiale formed by the Leimbach Brothers released today (12th of February), their new single Nobody Takes Me Seriously. After having released last year their second album of originals, 14 Steps To A Better You, with two releases (original and relapse, with more songs, never heard before by their audience), they start 2021 with a more electronic and less rock groove. Well, at least until the middle of the song, where the eternal riffs that characterize them so well begin to appear. But Louis’ voice, in this one, promises to enchant all his faithful fans. A good song to accompany us during the confinement, even if nobody takes us seriously, of course.