[NWNA] Celeste – Not Your Muse

Sorry, Celeste, but yes, you are one of our favorite Muses of 2021.

Photo by Elizaveta Porodina

Celeste has been enchanting the world for a longer time. Back in 2017, she launched her first EP, The Milk & the Honey, and at the end of 2019, she won the Rising Star Award from the British Phonographic Industry. 

Celeste is celestial and although her new record is called Not Your Muse she is, without a doubt, our future diva and muse. We cannot deny it: the EA Sports team that chooses the soundtracks for sports video games usually gets it right. And they sure did it once again. They’ve presented Celeste for a large-scale panorama audience through football simulator FIFA, with a pearl that makes Nina Simone blush, wherever she is. It’s called Stop This Flame – and it’s a flame that we don’t want to get out of our lives (also featured previously on WtMM).

The deluxe version of Not Your Muse has a duration of one hour and eighteen minutes, divided into twenty-one songs. Yes, twenty-one songs. And twenty-one pearls. We can characterize Celeste as Soul, R&B, POP, or even Funk. And it’s here that we discover the magic that’s in front of us. Or, in this case, inside our ears. Whether it’s for a slower style, like the first song on the record, Ideal Woman, where the power of the voice is King, forgive us, Queen, and Lady of an entire song, or for a more groovy scenario, like Tonight, Tonight.

Or A Little Love, also featured in the Christmas announcement for The John Lewis & Waitrose, and that is an instant classic that could easily accompany Kevin McCallister on his adventures on ‘Home Alone’.

Finally, the sensual rhythms of Love Is Back stir our soul, reintroducing us to a Soul genre that lapsed an icon since the long loss of Amy Winehouse. Sorry, Celeste, but yes, you are one of our favorite Muses of 2021 and we certainly don’t want to stop your flame. 

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