Sugarmoon – Autumn Leaves

“Oh, how I love those vintage folk-pop vibes”

Imagine a tiny 1985 yellow Citroen, a girl inside in a red dress with embroidered white circles on it. On her head she is wearing a yellow ribbon matching her heart shaped sunglasses that are obviously too big for her face, yet she doesn´t seem to care. Now use your 8mm video camera for that sepia vibe, enter the car and turn on the radio for the ride of your life.

The sound of Sugarmoon, the 5-piece folk-pop band from Bristol is jammed with that well-established vintage feel that makes us want to ride those dorky bicycles with a basket on the handlebar to work or dance in slow motion in the middle of the street like nobody is watching.

After their debut song called `The Only One´, the band releases today, their long-awaited new single called `Autumn Leaves´. Recorded entirely during lockdown, the track features the soothing and melancholic vocals of  Sophie Jones fitting perfectly with the simple gloomy melody behind it and evoking shades of Laura Marling and hints of The Mamas and the Papas.

The Lyrics are strong and bittersweet while touching on the mental strains of love and loss resembling a peculiar combination between the animated series Bojack Horseman heavy argument and the elegance and simplicity of Tracy Chapman´s voice.

The visuals follow an interesting concept, trying to explore the feeling of nostalgia and blurring memories with time, using footage discovered in Sophie Jones´ grandparents´ attic in a trilogy that started with Sugarmoon´s first single video `The Only One´. With today´s release the trilogy is now more mature, although still waits for its adult form to be fully flourished with the promise of a new single to be out later in 2021.

Despite being formed just before the pandemic crisis of Covid-19, Sugarmoon doesn’t show any signs of growing pains and I truly recommend you to follow their next steps.

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