Dayweaver – Bloodman

Bloodman is the final piece to the 1st Season of Dayweaver that translates perfectly thoughts, experiences and memories into tangible art.

Dayweaver is an interdimensional synthpop quartet consisting of Marcel Young as vox crafter, Yari Inzaghi in the role of sound scraper, John “Maître” Nomski as beat technician and finally Allie Osha who takes care, according to themselves.

Dayweaver released their debut single Swear back in August 2020 and since then they’ve been releasing a new single a month at a time – and they don’t show any signs of stopping in the near future.

Their electronic, indie, dark cloak is quite present in all their work – lyrics, composition and video wise. It is NOT POSSIBLE to feel indifferent to what this group is creating. They feel like a breath of fresh air, translating perfectly thoughts, experiences and memories into tangible art. And on top of all, their mission as a group is to be “A collective embracing the new way of making music, bringing you the product of bedrooms and attics” – specially interesting now, considering the mobility restrictions.

After Swear, Hurricane, Right on the Money and Ordinarily, Dayweaver released their latest work on 29th January 2021, Bloodman.

Bloodman is a nostalgic song, with slight 90’s hints which made me, a through and through 90’s-baby, relate instantly. As soon as I heard Bloodman, I got this confused-yet-understood-feeling since someone else (not me) was talking about my emotions and daily-life in a groovy, deep and engaging song. But then again, I feel like many of us are in an overstimulated, stressful, chaotic environment most of the day, which can make us want to switch off.

But this isn’t a track about fighting against an emotional state or response. On the contrary, it’s about accepting that response and trying to find the beauty of what’s in there. In Bloodman we were looking to exploring the humanity that seems to sit behind incapability, and it’s turned out into a really soothing track. There’s often quite a bit of harshness that we tend to put in our music, but this is much more of a space to dream into.

Dayweaver, January 2021

With the release of the final piece, Dayweaver got to present also on Friday the 29th their “1st season”, an album including all the tracks the band released the previous year as well. 

Who knows what Dayweaver have in store for 2021? We don’t, but we sure are on the edge of our seats to find out!

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