Kelly McFarling – Delicate

A Folk and Country-based song that defies every notion of it as it makes us float between delicate pop and smoothing cruizing Americana

Kelly MacFarling is standing up, her hands are holding flowers, she wears a pink blouse. She is turning her head looking at a view, looking serious but in peace.

In the last ten years, Kelly McFarling self-released 3 albums. The singer-songwriter based in the Bay Area and her songs are said to be influenced by that land and soundscape.

Her tracks talk about love and family, truth and memory, and the connection we all should have with the land and each other, but also about letting ourselves find new ways and not holding too much to past roots.

Delicate, her newest track, was what brought us to her, we admit. However, we prefer to savor the fact that we got to her. And the fact that we probably discovered one of the best songs of this year that is only starting. I say this because Delicate is for sure a Folk and Country-based song, but one that defies every notion of it as it makes us float between delicate pop and smoothing cruizing Americana. Filled with well-placed and crystal comforting vocals everything works like charm with the rich instrumental background. Two acoustic guitars, one electric guitar, a bass, and a pedal-steel. The track is both filling every corner of our brain (and room – do turn up the volume) with the instrumentals as it is with its life-honest lyricism. The gentle break in the middle makes us feel like floating – the video illustrations are also perfectly placed for the moment – until the track turns up again to a final minute where we just want to jump around and let us go by the feeling that, at least, right now, everything is well!

It’s not the first time we are putting too much of our feelings into listening to a track. But it’s also no secret that if it wasn’t for good music, we would probably be much worse humans if any. Kelly McFarling’s newest track is one of those life saviors that we can press play and let ourselves stay in that limbo of happiness. And the next time you say you don’t like Country music, re-listen to this.

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