You, Me, At Six? We have a SUCKAPUNCH of a date, for sure.

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“You, Me, at Six?” may not be the best punchline for a date at this pandemic hour, but it is surely a good time to hear the new album from the band in your living room. 

The British band – You Me at Six – is not new to these wanderings, as this is their seventh studio album. Like all of us, they have grown. They have become more mature and the example of that maturity is mirrored in SUCKAPUNCH, one of the first great records of 2021. 

SUCKAPUNCH has the right length to spend a good evening. We are talking about 11 songs, with about 43 minutes of music where we hear a piece of life from Josh Franceschi, Chris Miller, Max Helyer, Matt Barnes, and Dan Flint. 

We start with Nice to Me. A slow-burner at the first minute, but suddenly blushing veterans on riffs, garage rock, and everything we want to call it: that’s just what people want to hear – a gust of nostalgia in the present that merges what older people on these rides and younger people feel for this rhythms. 

Franceschi’s voice also seems to have stopped in time: did you think this was derogatory? No, it is not. Franceschi is still a true Gentleman with a big G and his vocal conviction is better than ever. The so-called crystal clear nowadays, I must say. And the best way to see this is in the middle of the record, in the track Glasgow. It is very powerful, to the point of giving me the creeps. 

After listening to the record, a nostalgia for live concerts came across us – and You Me At Six are no exception. Some members of WtMM had the opportunity to see them in 2017, in a historical Lisbon venue that is already closed and that received the first concerts of other mythical English bands like Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead. That show was very good. And this record is also made for that type of audience: those who like a good live concert. It will make furor in concert mode. We have no doubt about it. 

2021 can be an atypical year for everyone. Be it for the lack of hugs, contacts, concerts, and so many others, but we never lack diversity and culture. And at this point, You Me At Six marked an entry into this year with such a great style, which will be heard over and over again throughout the year. 

Ah, and in answer to the initial question: You, Me, At Six? We have a SUCKAPUNCH of a date, for sure. 

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