Sam Lynch – Good Year

Sam Lynch's latest is our recipe for a year of delicate positivity.

"mayne island // summer 2020". taken from Sam Lynch networks

The first time I listened to this marvellous track it was still pre-Covid.

The huge amount of feeling Sam Lynch extracts from it – or builds into it – is so powerful that I felt immediately connected. The way her vocals echo in the “dark”, the way they sound honest and raw and meaningful. It’s like the song is filling a void, and that makes me feel embraced, safe. And you all know how important is for someone to feel safe in times like these we’ve been going through.

Not sure how public was the decision to postpone the track release for the beginning of this year. I eventually have not seen the video before either. But all of a sudden, it’s like I’ve been waiting for one piece of music to make us feel safe, relaxed, and looking positive for a new year. And, yet about to enter the second lock-down in less than a year, Good Year brings me all the purest feelings of safety and positiveness I feel to need. Filled with an ethereal folk vibe, the gorgeous vocals are delicate but strong, honest and hopeful, sounding like good conscience, and inner and strong voice. And once again, it breathes a kind of force that I can only find in music. “music is love”. This one honors that.

“Based in Vancouver, Lynch has been evolving and expanding her relationship with music for quite some time. She started writing songs at a very young age as a way of processing the world around her, and since then has pushed through the slight discomfort that often accompanies vulnerability, and channeled those feelings into a collection of songs.”

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