Ocean Onyx – Milky Dreaming

The landscapes from outter space has a name: Ocean Onyx and her forthcoming single Milky Dreaming. A song of perspectives that can bring you some great relaxing moments.

Ocean Onyx

Once again, here we are writing about a Swedish project, this time Ocean Onyx caught our attention with their landscape and ambient sonorities, all put out in a dreamy environment, with spacious voices and fingerpicking guitars that balance from acoustic to electric ones.

The Gothenburg-based artist travels from Big Thief to Bon Iver maintaining her authenticity in her lyrics and soothing vocals. It’s quite beautiful to hear -and almost see- the landscapes Ocean Onyx can create in Milky Dreaming, which sometimes become more abstract and cosmic, transporting our thoughts and feelings to lyrics’ intentions.

Milky Dreaming is a song about perspectives, being able to put ourselves far from what we are and what we see in such a weighted and focused way, we can feel truly relaxed not only because of the song’s sonorities but because our perceptions become easier to understand if it was all these simple.



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