Sea Girls – All I Want To Hear You Say

We start the year, with one great song of last year, just to remind us what got us through the year!

Happy 2021 everybody! We hope this year brings you huge amounts of relaxation and good times, after a short break from covering new releases, we will continue to fight hard through this Pandemic times with a lot of new music coverage this year. We also look forward to introducing you to some big news here at WtMM, and to make you part of our favorite readers through this year. We hope to reward you for taking the time to pay attention to new musicians all over the world.

We start the year, with one great song of last year, that we did not find time to write about earlier (coming very soon, there will be a special compilation with a lot of the best-uncovered music that was released last year. If you’re one of those musicians give us a shoutout!)

Describing themselves as “the UK’s hottest new band”, Sea Girls’ confidence is evident also in their music (and capitalizing in numbers). Not reinventing the wheel, but being smart and incisive, they’ve released several tracks in 2020, with the highlight being All I Want To Hear You Say.

The amount of indie rock meets commercial power infused into the track is encouraging and refreshing to hear. There is a very strong amount of feeling in it! And we can easily see ourselves having the time of our lives when this starts playing at a show, and we don’t have to explain to you how much 2020 has lacked just that… The song comes with a captivating video by Tjoff Koong Studios and should also be a highlight of the year by the way it mixes beautiful cartoons in a very original lyric video that also tells a story.

The resemblances with some of the best new Millenium indie rock acts are evident, and a bit because of that the track also sounds a bit nostalgic. Still, the amount of power we feel as it grows to a very memorable chorus makes it a track very easy to relate and sing along to. The final killer (pun intended with The Killers) guitar-guided instrumental is superb and leads the listener to a very punchy nirvana ending.

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