Rob Late feat. Sam Way – Closer

This is not just another song made in collaboration while in quarantine. This a banger from Rob Late & Sam Way!

Rob Late & Sam Way

Creativity came to many artists during quarantine and Zoom conferences made collaborations possible, bringing together who was physically apart. And that was exactly the case behind Closer and its co-authors Rob Late and Sam Way.

When a composer and producer like Rob Late crosses his path and connects his ideas with such singer-songwriter like the upcoming Sam Way, the only thing we can expect is a banger. A radio hit, an electro-pop track that will definitely be stuck in your mind for a long time. It’s a great mixing between Sam’s smooth and charismatic voice and the electrifying and captivating danceable sonorities of Rob’s productions.

It’s been quite satisfying and exciting to see how artists have come together and managed to create amazing things. Rob and Sam got all the work done while in quarantine and without knowing each other personally, so Zoom conferences and home studio recordings were their favorite tools, and only got the chance to meet each other after the final mix, a scene that got captured for the official video clip.

Closer, in Late’s words, “is a fun, high energy love song about being open with your feelings and trusting your instincts. Transparent honesty and often naive optimism are at the core of pop music to me”; is a song lyrically catchy and relatable, especially when it comes to the chorus, a proper one to be sung by anyone in any moment of your day to just cheer you up!

For both artists, Closer is opening a series of releases and upcoming collaborations, so we might expect great new hits from 2021. And there are only a couple of weeks left for the new year!

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