Andrew Applepie – Supernova

Pop off the world!

As I often say, pop music is to serve the people. Is the one expressway to make someone’s attention captive. Probably not only pop-music but Pop-art, in general, is made to take the high-horse-opinions a little easier to relate and understand.

If there is something dogmatic about Pop culture, it is the community factor. People will dance to a tune together in a club, people will sing it together in karaokes, and they will all at least talk about it once in their lifetimes. Pop, in my honest opinion, is really important to glue 7,800,000,000 people together on the same planet.

Today’s artist is someone who, I guess, agrees with my point of view. Andrew Applepie is a Berlin-based composer and musician with an indie-pop background and a big love for modern electronic music. Those are the main genres you can listen to on Supernova, his latest single (released today, December 18). With bits of a Steppenwolf’s John Kay interview, the message on this track is simple: Pop should always have a meaningful message.

Mostly composed while streaming on Youtube with his followers, Supernova is a modern, refreshing-sounding piece with elements from all around the musical globe: weird sounding guitars, – very Connan Mockasin like – addictive melodic sentences, groovy bass lines, spacey keys all around, danceable drums, and excellent vocals performance. The song is composed and mixed in a way that is impossible for one to get tired of it, showing off some pop intelligence and some composition skills.

As the great pop track Supernova is, it is served with a poem full of content and good taste. Nothing is easy, especially if you’re alone, but sometimes, to get things right, we have to step off our comfort box and ask for a little help. I mean, what is pop if not a big collaboration between all of us, right?