Joe Vann – Age

Not only a number.

Growing up is such a subject! I grew up knowing once I got older, life would get easier. It didn’t and it frustrated me a little but I’m sure that’s the same for all of us. Aging is the most hated part of life but it is the one thing we all share equally.

Our relationships tend to change with our age too. We start to get along with fewer people and searching for a more interesting companion; We figure what we really love to do and to be, and ideally, we follow that.

Today’s track, which was released yesterday (December 15), got me thinking about the past years, the turning of the kid-me into the man I am. It comes all the way from California and was crafted by the talented hands of Joe Vann. It’s called Age and I sure loved it from the starting point.

Mainly seasoned with indie-pop and alt-rock influenced elements, Age is spacey and cozy at the same time, with a cool-sounding-synth chord progression, very Mac Demarco (which I love), soft and easy drums and guitars, and an incredible voice gluing everything together. The song’s structure is amazingly well put, never getting to a tiring or predictable point -just like life itself! The hook is too catchy to be forgotten, so be careful!

Joe sings not only well but an excellent poem too. Close to a letter, the lyrics on Age are emotion in motion and personally, very easy to relate. Deeply connected with the idea of growing up and staying the same, I felt like I was listening to myself: The potential kid I was is not the man I turned into but now I know for a fact that both fear the same, both of them belives in eternal romantic love, both fight depression but both want the same: To be happy and to belong to someone else’s arms.