Tibe D’Oro – x+x=1 EP

There's a Vienna-based duo who is defying jazz and math presenting their debut EP, x+x=1. This is Tibe D'Oro and they're new downtempo-jazz.

Tibe D'Oro

There’s a new kind of jazz, it has a formula, and apparently, it’s the one for excellence. X+x=1 might be a strange math problem and also a strange name for an EP, but Tibe D’Oro, a Vienna-based duo, are defying it and proving that a good sax solo over a downtempo beat and a sexy voice is the solution for almost everything.

The EP is divided into 3 pieces, the problem (x+x), the process (=), and the solution (1). The fact is that all of the 3 songs are connected somehow to each other and in the end, it all becomes one full-piece. X+x is more schizophrenic, more shanking and it opens the doors and windows for new discoveries. Then = is just the resolution of it, 1:40 minute where everything seems to sound more clear as a spacious environment for what was left unknown in the previous track. It closes with 1 as an obvious relationship between all of the tracks and even though a lot of things remain away from perspective, there’s an appointment of excellence here, where the duo finds a place to explore one melody and being able to make it sound unique at last and some sort of impact whenever we listen to it.

It’s a short EP they’ve put out last month, but even with only such reduced repertoire, it’s undeniable that behind the bass lines, the sax solos, the clean and sometimes mysterious and distorted voice, and the ambient and downtempo drums, there are two creative and authentic artists, Fabian Sialia and Leonard Cuscoleca, who will have us paying close attention and expecting new releases soon!