Heavyman – Loose Lips

“Entering a London Pub at rush hour never felt so good”

Nostalgia was my initial feeling when I first listened to Loose Lips from Heavyman.

Imagine entering Worlds End – one of the most iconic Pubs of Camden’s music scene – at rush hour and hearing crazy guitar riffs standing out from all the noise of people arguing over which pint they should drink this time, IPA or Lager.

Having lived in London for a year this was a normal Saturday night, and how I loved those nights! The arrogant bar staff, the occasional wallflower sitting weirdly in the corner and even the smell of warm piss on the bathroom floor..sounds awesome, right?

Loose Lips gave me that feeling straight away! Raw yet funky guitar lines full of imperfectly perfect twisting noises, heavy badass drums and smooth bass lines that prevent this beautiful chaos from falling apart.

The Lyrics are fierce with a humorous touch, mocking the false information of the modern world and making us want to singalong as its sticks in your mind for a long time.

Loose Lips is like this odd marriage between Queens of the Stone age´s alt-rock and the dark sense of humour of Ricky Gervais. I am definitely going to keep an eye on Heavyman and follow their journey as they climb the success ladder and hopefully create more and more songs with the quality of Loose Lips.

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