My Ugly Clementine – I’m Boring

This one is for T.

Every time I write about a song, I write about myself as well. I just woke up and I can still remember what I was dreaming of. It was a personal and emotive dream with my long-time-crush that ended with her goodbye.

She doesn’t even know I’m into her. I mean, I never told her. She used to be my secret-keeper, the one person I ran to tell stuff but now she’s dating someone and ever since she told me that, I felt I’m no longer welcome in her life – I’m a creepy boring crying baby 90% of the time and I usually feel I’m inconvenient and I’m not in my place anymore.

Yeah, I know I’m the complicated number in this equation: I can be both romantic and stupid; a jelly bean and a piece of glass; a soft warm heart and a cold bomb. I write a lot of poetry and music but I’m unable to tell her she makes my world colorful and now that she’s happy with someone, I felt my time had come and shut myself down, like a ghost. I know my place, I’ll be around for everything she needs but silent and from afar.

One of the things – probably the most important- that makes my crush unique, is the fact that she never lost interest in my words: everything I said was a conversation starter for T. and nothing was boring at all, even if I was feeling kinda boring myself. She knew I lack confidence but she never pointed it at me. Actually, she would just deep dive in my words and turn my ruins into castles, effortlessly, and with a smile.

That is why I got an instant relation with today’s track. From Vienna, Austria comes this love-letter-waltz called I’m Boring. Releasing it today (December 11), My Ugly Clementine is a non-male rock four-piece and this song is one of the most relatable I’ve heard this year.

It sounds just like it: a rock waltz, highly dynamic, with a lot of ups and downs, and some super-beautiful voices. Mainly soft and straightforward, this song explodes at the chorus with a very catchy melodic line. The track is perfect for the broken-hearted who are on the way home from their works and need a boost of adrenaline. It also works very well if you are just sitting there, think about someone you miss. In a few words, I’m Boring is a simple but cinematographic piece of music for people like me.

The poem is an absolute masterpiece!: I love the simplicity and love it when artists are able to relate to their listeners with no effort. I’m Boring sings my love life in a nutshell, for example. I always felt like no one ever fully got me, fully loved me, and sometimes, when I think to myself about it, no one really cared. I always felt it is easier to love the potencial man I could be rather then the man I already am and if I look closer to my history, everyone else I dated feels the same.

This one is for T. She never thought of me as boring and that is very sweet. I want her to be happy and this song is the comfort and the closer I need to see her go. Thanks for that, My Ugly Clementines!